Elliot Richardson, ‎President and Co-Founder of Dugout

Elliot Richardson, ‎President and Co-Founder of digital football platform Dugout, is the feature interview on this week's SB Weekly.

Launched officially at the end of November - following months of industry hype - Dugout publishes exclusive content featuring some of Europe’s biggest clubs and footballers, and is touted as a way for those same clubs and players to both grow their fanbases, and better monetise their digital footprints.

To date, Dugout boasts an enviable portfolio of partners that includes Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester City, Gareth Bale and Neymar, with more announced on an almost weekly basis.

On the podcast, Elliot explains:

  • Why Dugout isn't a Facebook for Football - despite media descriptions
  • How football fandom forms in a different way compared to decades ago
  • How both the platform and clubs benefit from data insight around content
  • What content works best, and how that's judged
  • Why he believes Dugout will succeed where other digital projects in the past have failed
  • What the sports industry can learn from his background in the insurance sector.