Listen Here: Audio And Podcasting In Sports Is Growing

SB Weekly was featured in this article on the blog of Joe Favorito, the legendary sports marketing and PR consultant from the United States.

Matt Cutler spoke to Rick Liebling about the growth of podcasts as a media platform and what he has in store for listeners of SB Weekly.

Rick Liebling: Why launch this podcast now?

Matt Cutler: I think the way people consume media is changing faster now than it has done in the whole of history. And when you look at current media platforms delivering news, analysis and entertainment for the sports industry, nothing has really changed to reflect that. Though many people still prefer to read long articles, in print or online, I believe there’s an opportunity to start delivering content in new ways. And a podcast that is short, free, and downloads automatically onto your mobile phone is perfect. That’s why I launched SB Weekly – to create something in response to changing media trends.

I also think that there is a bit of polarisation in the B2B sports media – it’s either breaking news, or it’s quite dry, almost academic-style content about how to ultimately improve the bottom line of a sports organisation. There’s not a great deal that looks at the personalities of the people who work in the industry, and that’s what I want to bring out.

RL: What can we expect to hear?

MC: People who work in the industry talking about their business careers, so we get a better understanding of what makes them tick. How and why they got into the sports industry, and interesting anecdotes from along the way. Plus, of course, how they see trends in the industry developing.

RL: Will there be a UK or Euro focus, or are you looking at global stories?

MC: My intention is to make it as global as possible, however I realise that’s not the easiest thing to do when you’re based in London. Though saying that, London is one of the leading global hubs for the sports industry, so a key focus for me will be trying to grab people when they are passing through. I also don’t want to do interviews on the phone, as because my focus is on personalities, I only think you can really draw that out with some face to face rapport.

RL: If you could have any guest on your show from the world of sports, who would it be?

MC: My number one target at the moment is Tom Fox, CEO of Aston Villa, which is the football team I support. Tom has had quite an interesting background, not only working at football clubs but also in other positions in the sports industry, so he is of interest to me on two levels!

RL: What person, event or technology is going to have the biggest impact on the sports industry in 2016?

MC: Am I allowed to say a country? If so – China. The amount of investment world sport is currently receiving from this new global super power is almost out of this world so how that manifests itself is going to be the biggest story of 2016.