Kuper on sports writing and football ignorance

This week's SB Weekly podcast features Financial Times columnist Simon Kuper, one of the most respected commentators on sport and author of several best-selling books including Soccernomics and Football Against the Enemy.

Kuper also topped Richard Gillis' 2015 Unofficial Partner list of best sports industry tweeters.

In the podcast, Kuper explains how moving from country to country when he was growing up gave him a different viewpoint on sport, and how he approaches his craft, including why writing for the Financial Times has become a "two-way street" with its readership.

Drawing on themes from Soccernomics Kuper also discusses the myth of the manager and the growing impact of statistics in sport, while reflecting on memorable sports interviewees from his distinguished writing career.

The podcast will be available on Wednesday (March 16). Click here to subscribe to SB Weekly for free and listen on your platform of choice