Virtual Reality "will change the sporting landscape"

Ben Blanco, UK Head of Sport and Entertainment Marketing at Samsung, told the SB Weekly podcast that he sees virtual reality (VR) technology transforming the sports industry in the coming years.

Samsung's mobile VR headset - Samsung Gear VR - was at the centre of last month's Galaxy S7 phone launch where members of the audience experienced a 360-degree video of people playing freestyle soccer on the streets of in Barcelona.

"Everyone's talking about it; I can see it changing the sporting landscape and how we engage with sport if we can be sat on our sofas at home and be at the 18th green at Augusta, the Super Bowl or under the hoop in the NBA Dunk Contest," he told the SB Weekly podcast.

"Outside of sport, it could reinvent the high street travel agent, the car's going to be incredibly exciting and we are in a great position to both take advantage and be at the forefront of VR through our technology."

Ben also told SB Weekly how the electronics giant judges success in a sports sponsorship deal, how and why the School of Rugby marketing campaign with comedian Jack Whitehall and the England rugby union team became such a hit, and how he went from a runner on the Harry Potter film series to working at one of sport's leading sponsor brands.