when you have eyeballs and engagement...the dollars will follow

Social media platform Twitter today acquired live streaming rights for Thursday night NFL (National Football League) games in the United States - apparently "one of several companies" vying for the package.

In this week's SB Weekly podcast, Gareth Capon - CEO of Grabyo and the man who formerly led strategy and product development for BSkyB's mobile app portfolio - outlined why the shift in media consumption to mobile is increasing the amount of opportunities for social media platforms (like Twitter), and major sports rights-holders (like the NFL) to exploit video. 

"The focus is on engagement today, but the monetisation question hasn't gone away. When you have the eyeballs and the engagement on these platforms, in the end the dollars will follow, and so will the business models that ensure rights-holders can be properly compensated for those rights," he told SB Weekly.

"There'll be different models for different types of content and different providers - but I don't think it'll be too different to TV. There'll be an ad-funded model - and Twitter already has the Amplify programme which supports traditional pre-roll ads - while YouTube's new 'Red' offering is the equivalent of a pay-TV subscription.

"The difference will be in the ability to share the product, and the fact you can scale global audiences incredibly quickly - that's not something that's been possible before in a traditional TV environment."