Adrian Bevington on England, Wales and the EPL

Adrian Bevington, a familiar name to anyone working in the UK football business, is the featured interview on this week's SB Weekly.

Adrian was Director of Communications at the English Football Association and Managing Director of Club England, the position that oversees the operations of every England football team.

In the latter, he oversaw the management and operational support services of all England teams, and helped develop the female game, bringing an England women's match to the new Wembley for the first time in November 2014.

Adrian left the FA two years ago and now runs his own wide-ranging sports consultancy, spending this summer at the Euros working as a consultant to the Football Association of Wales.

In this week's episode, available on Wednesday August 3, you can hear Adrian discuss:

  • His work with the Football Association of Wales, a fascinating month in France, and why he was impressed with Chris Coleman's leadership style

  • Why Sam Allardyce is, in his opinion, a good fit for the England job and will bring a refreshing new mindset to the FA set-up

  • The challenges running English football clubs, seen first hand through his consultancy work with Watford, Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa

  • His views on Tracey Crouch's recent criticism of the FA and its need to reform

  • A burning desire to turn his hand to club football full-time as a CEO

  • The huge opportunity presented by the growth of football in China and India.