Ben Morel, NBA Managing Director for EMEA

Ben Morel, SVP at the National Basketball Association and Managing Director for operations across EMEA, is the feature interview on this week's SB Weekly.

Ben originally joined the NBA from cosmetics giant L'Oréal in 1998, and nearly 20 years later he’s still going strong, overseeing the basketball league’s media distribution, events, merchandising and sponsorship activities this side of the Atlantic.

On the podcast, hear Ben discuss:

  • How UK interest in the NBA has undergone huge growth over the last 12 months
  • Why having more games in London isn't integral for further growth in Europe
  • Initiatives to turn casual basketball observers into active, loyal consumers
  • The significant investment being made into grassroots that doesn't make headlines
  • Why he hopes the battle for control in European club basketball reaches an amicable resolution, and soon
  • Why Virtual Reality could be a game-changer in how basketball is consumed at home and on the move.